7sleepers: Facebook

Posted on Facebook, November 24 2017

I’ll be deleting my two Facebook accounts soon, this one and my personal account. I believe that Facebook is complicit in the #Rohingya genocide and I want no part of it. Facebook also owns Instagram, so that account will be deleted as well.

All of the big tech companies are amoral and often downright evil, but Facebook is extremely influential in Myanmar and it’s pretty certain that they are actively promoting government propaganda and actively silencing dissent. They are emboldening the powerful, imperiling the powerless, and fueling a fiery epidemic of murderous bigotry. If Zuckerberg ever had a conscience it seems to have rotted with greed.

Deleting my accounts might seem like a futile act, perhaps the digital equivalent of lighting a candle to stop a war. But to paraphrase A.J. Muste, I don’t light a candle to change the world. I light a candle so the world won’t change me.

I’m still online, of course, on my website and Twitter and a few other social media platforms.

I hope we all cross paths again soon. And I pray that it will be a better world when we do.