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I post regularly on Diaspora, “a nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social network” (says: Wikipedia). There’s lots of music fans on there, just follow the #Music tag and you’ll get a feed full of all kinds of music from all over the world. My recent posts below. Cheers!

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for our National Anthem ... #In...

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for our National Anthem ... #IndependenceDay #4thOfJuly #4thOfJuly2020 #ChuckBerry #ClassicRock #Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ROwVrF0Ceg

Sat 4 Jul 2020 7:58
UB RADIO SALON no. 650 ARCHIVE for Sunday 6/28 show NOW AVAILABLE f...

UB RADIO SALON no. 650 ARCHIVE for Sunday 6/28 show
NOW AVAILABLE for download or streaming
podcasts are up at iTunes, iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio

Experimental SoundArt session on DFM.nu

videos of Enchantress of Bioluminosity special dances, one for each hour of the radio session:


Wed 1 Jul 2020 4:42
#FunkyFriday I miss #MickKarn :-( #Music #Funk #World https://www.y...

#FunkyFriday I miss #MickKarn :-( #Music #Funk #World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_ER2AADsWg

Fri 26 Jun 2020 20:06
#CurrentlyWatching "Seasons of Migration", choreographed by Sophili...

#CurrentlyWatching "Seasons of Migration", choreographed by Sophiline Cheam Shapiro of #KhmerArtsAcademy, via #Kanopy. #Khmer #Cambodia #Arts #Dance

Thu 25 Jun 2020 20:53
Radio TroUBle Playlist / June 23, 2020 NOW AVAILABLE Where Will You...

Radio TroUBle Playlist / June 23, 2020
Where Will Your Summer Adventures Take You?
3-hour spontaneous mix / eclectic selections
hosted by ninah pixie, dAS

mp3: http://ubuibi.org/mp3/radiotrouble299.mp3

artist / track / album / label

The Residents / Hole-Workers At The Mercies Of Nature: Voices Of The Air, The Ultimate Disaster / Mark Of The Mole / Ralph Records

Ongaku / Mihon / Chill Out Or Die! (compilation) / Rising High Records

Scanner / Time Fabric (excerpt) / Self Released

Alix Perez / BXL / Enchiridion EP / 1985 Music

Aksak Maboul / I Viaggi Formano La Gioventu (Truc Turc) / Un Peu De L'Ame Des Bandits / Crammed Discs

Plank And Ishq / Crows Un Wra / Crows An Wra Volume 1 / Ishq

(mic break)

Orbit Service / Sydney The Accidental Genius / The Pool Of Tears / Self Released

Wes / Sweet Bitowo / The Planet Sleeps (compilation) / Work

Sigur Ros / Glosoli / Glosoli / EMI

Edward Ka-spel / Dismantling The Tower / An Abandoned Laboratory Volume III / Self Released

Talvin Singh / Sutrix / OK / Island

Sieben / Here Is The News / Lockdown Sieben Volume 2 / Self Released

Instagon / Thee Rings Ov Saturn / Planets: Saturn / Thee Instagon Foundation

(mic break)

Konsumprodukt / Comandante Tide / Collage Airlines / Sirona-Records

C. Rice Goff / Love Buttons In The Sugar Cane / Eliminating The Competition / Taped Rugs Productions

Pinkie Maclure / Subliminal Seduction / Unman / Ink Records

Muslimgauze / Untitled 6 / Babylon Iz Iraq / Muslimtapes

No Thing / The Art Attic (Live) / Some Things / No Thing

The Darkening Scale / Hugging Salon / Stuck Bad / Self Released

Ventriloquest Ectoplasmold Xanaxax (V.E.X.) / Last Of The Real Lives / Codex Hex / Cool World Records

(mic break)

group A / Out Of Tune, Dance With The Invisible, Dump With The Invisible / NO Recording I / Self Released

Orchid Spangiafora / Dime Operation / Flee Past's Ape Elf / Twin/Tone Records

Die Form / First Talks / Die Form 1 / Bain Total

The Goons / Dance With Me Henry / Unchained Melodies / Decca

Gen Ken Montgomery / Choose One / Postcards 1981-1986 / Vinyl-on-demand

Modelbau / Untitled 1 / The Lateness Of The Hour / Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.

The Almanac Singers / Talking Union / Songs Of Protest / Prism Leisure

Marja Ahti / Chora / Vegetal Negatives / Hallow Ground

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Wed 24 Jun 2020 17:16